Monday, August 8, 2011

Cape Me Away

I don't know if it is because I don't really get the option to wear winter clothes that makes me want to wear them even more, but I'm envious of those in the cooler climates that get to accessorize with tall boots, leather gloves, thick, knit scarves (not silk and cotton like girls wear year round in FL), furry ear muffs, and CAPES!  Living in Tampa really limits the number of times I can dress layer over layer, playing with textures like tweed, flannel, and wool without sweating profusely after stepping outside for about 20  minutes.  January and Febuary do allow the fashionistas some lower temperatures at night (we're talking 50s and sometimes even low 40s...I know, crazy, right?) to get to dress in all the fun attire seen in the magazines, runway shows, and window fronts.

This fall I really want to rock the cape!  Without trying to look like a costume character or as though I'm a cave woman on the sandy beaches these items will be my inspiration...come January that is.

Navy, black and lace...this goes with just about everything.

Emma Cook cape

Hmmm, will someone please invite me to a black tie event?  Gorgeous.
Alberta Ferretti feather cape

Fabulous.  This, I love.  McQueen does no wrong.  Can I just look like that girl while we're at it too?

MCQ cape zip coat

This I could wear pretty much anywhere and I can actually afford this one.

Helen Berman cape

How cute is this?
Burberry transparent wather cape

Pretty sure I would be perfect cozied up near a fire with a hot tottie in my hands while wearing this.

Burberry mega check ruana

Super chic, Ms. that face-craming collar and black leather trim.

Rachel Zoe wrap collar cape

Love the punch of color for when the weather is drab and, of course, LOVE Missoni.

Missoni reversible wool cape
Navajo is a nava-don't for me.  This just isn't working.

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