I'm Brooke, a sewer, decorator, and author of Shemmy Shemmy Shake Shake blog. I strive to create a life surrounded by textiles, fashion, and clean, bright interiors. I'm a dreamer, an achiever, and know all good things fall into place at the right time.

I post about any topic from amazing art exhibits to dream homes to fashion & how to get the look. I want to inspire my readers with fresh interiors and seasonal trends. I include pieces of my own life in the blog occasionally to update friends, family, and readers on my home updates, weekend adventures, and recent shopping finds. I try to include several pictures with each post for visual inspiration.

Running, reading magazines, my husband's cooking, music that meets the ear, reaches the soul, & makes the ass shake, working with textiles to create art, 100-year-old houses, flower gardens, photography, Alexander McQueen's imagination, the idea of living abroad, sunsets, my mom's quilts, design books, Ralph Lauren's American style, brunch, sunbathing, champagne, the energy of a city, girls nights, resort wear, the emptiness of the country, eating alfresco, decorating our home, grandparent's stories, reading novels, baseball stadiums, sweet tea & lemonade, bright colors, our pup Porter, and the smiles of my nieces & nephew.