Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dressing Room Decisions

My husband and I decided to turn our guest-room-that-only-houses-a-few-guests-during-the-summer-months into a dressing room last weekend.  I felt like it was such wasted space for only having a 2 bedroom house without great closet space. 

The paint we chose felt a little spontaneous and not in a good way.  I have no rug or curtain fabric I'm working around, which is how I normally go about decorating a room.  We went with mango.  I'm still wondering if this was a good decision.  I hope once everything is set up it looks bright, modern, and chic.  A place that makes me smile as soon as I walk in...just like Nordstrom's does for me. :)

I began organizing my new shoe closets and thought a little inspiration would help greatly.

Below is actually the look I'm shooting for minus the fireplace.  I already have a striped rug and I'm going to get a free-standing rack for all my "go out" dresses.

This is one of my favorites.  Great doors, organization, colors.

A few celebrity closets that are well out of my reach, but fun to gaze at.

Christina Aguilera
Eva Longoria

Jessica Alba

Miley Cyrus

Nate Berkus

Jenna Lyons - J. Crew Creative Director
 I know this could be the Mecca of all shoe closets, but it seems over the top to me.  Then again it is Mariah Carey...

Mariah Carey

Rachel Zoe's studio...amazeballs

And here's my DREAM closet!  I love the his-and-hers aspect of it...masculine vs. feminie, black vs. white.
Everyone's happy.

Of course, Carrie Bradshw would have the best of the best when it comes to a home for her wardrobe. 


I will update with a post once I get all the finishing touches completed on our much more modest, but chic dressing room.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea of mango! it sounds like it will give the room a nice, classy kind of pop. I am sure all of your inspirations will give you the dressing room of your dreams! good luck :) CTK

free standing closet said...

I also love the idea of mango, it looks so great!