Thursday, September 22, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Izak Zenou

It's weird wanting to look like a drawing, but Izak  Zenou's illustrations do just that.  When I look at his work I'm thinking, 'These girls are so freakin' pretty!  And fashionable!  And chic!"  And then I remember that it's all fictional.  It just goes to show how realistic his drawings are, yet out of reach for so many of us to emulate.

These prints would be perfect decorating a single girl's downtown condo or in an office of someone working somewhere cool like an advertising agency or magazine publishing or in a dressing room (hey! I finally made the list! :) ).

Take a look see...

Even though this is probably the girl I would most want to look like with the perfectly curled hair, bangs side-swept over one eye, chic pencil skirt ensemble and red heels to match accessorized with well-behaved dog as company (mine would be dragging the table down the sidewalk Marley-style), sipping espresso outside of a trendy cafe... 

...this is the girl I most likely resemble.  Wild, untamed hair, dark ankle booties, over-sized top with skinny bottoms (minus the calm, tiny dog).

I swear this is the outfit I'm going to wear to Bloom Garden the next time I stop in to buy flowers.  The deep v-neck that draws the eye in even more as a resting spot for sunglasses, shortie flower shorts, bangles, scarf and red pouty lips are such a far cry from my usual running shorts, sports bra, Mossimo tank top and Asics look.  Hmmm, yeah right, like I could pull this off in Tampa.  Possibly if I were in the Hamptons or Paris...

 About the artist:

Izak Zenou started his fashion illustration career in 1992 after working as a stylist.  He was born in France and now resides in New York where he creates campaign visuals for fashion specialty stores HENRI BENDEL of New York, FRANK ET FILS of Paris, and Le Printemps of Tokoyo.  His clients include Celine, whom he created a series of sellout scarves for; Guerlain, which featured his work on a limited-edition Valentine's fragrance; and La Samaritaine, the well-known department store where his window displays show engaging scenes of Paris.  Other clients include Lancome, Chanel, Lilly Pulitzer, Bravo, Calypso and the list goes on.  He has also collaborated on many books including Billy Joel's "A New York State of Mind."

Izak Zenou sells a line of stationary at that is adorable!!  I want to plan a friend's birthday party, engagement party, shower or whatever just for a reason to mail these note cards and invitations.

See great scarves & other fab items he creates for Henri Bendel. 

Many more of Izak's work found here.

Self portrait

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