Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashionista Friday - It's Red Carpet Season!

...or Awards Season as some would say.  However, I prefer Red Carpet, because that is what I most look forward to on award nights.  Sunday is the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards and I've reserved the TV from my husband from 7 p.m. to midnight.  I set up the perfect spread of snacks, wine, and desserts for these special nights.  I don't care if it's dorky, I've been doing it since high school and enjoy these evenings so damn much.

These were my highlights from last year:

Hands down, Clare Danes won the top spot for me.  Gorgeous dress, hair, tan, and smile.

Lea Michele came in a strong 2nd.  I love the mermaid fit and relaxed hair.  Doesn't hurt that she's cute as a button. 

I know black is such an easy choice, but I thought there were a lot of great choices made among these women.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus chose the perfect earrings and she looks better than ever.

I just adore Kelly and thought her body was rockin'
Kelly Osbourne

Jennifer Carpenter
Paula Abdul
Eva Longoria
  What a sexy mama!
Brooke Burke

 I think this is navy??  I hope so, because that makes me like it more.
Connie Britton

 Kyra and Kevin are just an awesome couple.

 Another cute couple
Nail Patrick Harrie and David Burka

Classic...our Cary Grant 
Jon Hamm

 And she's so freakin' cute I had to include!
Betty White


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