Monday, October 10, 2011


I completed most of our Halloween decorating over the weekend and can't wait to have people over to see it!  It looks so festive.  Years previous I only had the same 4 jack-o-lantern placemats to toss on the table.  But this year I finally decided to invest (the husb has issues when I use this word for any type of spending. Heehee - what??  Investing doesn't have to just mean putting money in the bank!  These decorations will be used year after year.) some money in Halloween decor and liven the place up!  

Here are table top ideas:

I want to live in a two-story house sooooo bad!  So many great decoration options with staircases.

Window spookiness:

Dress up the mantel:

Start the house right by scaring visitors & delivery men:

Happy Halloween, little goblins!!


B.o.B. said...

so awesome! i love halloween! are you on pinterest? i think you should be. right now.

Unknown said...

Haha, I just joined today so I'm excited to begin my pinboards.

JPab said...

Love the Halloween decor! Really gets me into the spirit. I think I'll go watch Hocus Pocus now...

Momw2girlygirls said...

Avery Kates violin teacher had the mice die cuts on the staircase today. Kind of freaked me out for a bit. Lol :)