Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashionista Friday - My Picks For The Week

My top fashionable picks for the week:

Amber Heard
Some of my all-time favorite dresses are full coverage and body hugging.  They leave more than enough for the imagination while still looking completely sexy.

Naomi Watts
Loose & long can be scary, but the slit & v-neck make this dress glamorous & stylish. 

Anne Hathaway
Another body-hugging, full coverage dress with added sparkle!  The hem shows off the new trend of below the knee as well as pointy toed pumps (the stripper heels are on the way out.)  Anne looks elegant & polished; pulled back hair works well to show off all the glamour this look has to offer.

I just noticed all these dresses are opaque/nude-ha!  How funny what catches my attention when I'm in a certain mood, but don't realize it until the looks/ideas are all put together.

Johnny Depp
Hmmmm, not much to say, but hot, hot, hot.  I love that he dresses spiffy as well as grungy - the best of both worlds.  This dark 3-piece suit is perfect for the occasion and he wears it oh, so well.

Get the look:


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B.o.B. said...

i love all of those. and it's so funny b/c i watched this totally random off season tv show on the CW with amber heard like 4 years ago and now she's everywhere. reminds me a bit of scarjo.