Wednesday, November 16, 2011

High In The Sky

As a continuation from yesterday in a way, I'm aching to open the front door, be hit in the face with chilly temperatures, and breathe in crisp, cool air.  It's a balmy 80 degrees in Tampa today.  I wore a sleeveless top to work yesterday.  Our week of low 70s temperatures was perfect, but too short.  We need another "cold" front immediately. 

Aeirn Lauder's vacation home in Aspen would be the perfect place to snuggle up with warm blankets, sip on some hot cocoa, and take in the amazing views.  Her ski lodge "feels like a tree house" high up in the mountains, decorated immaculately in white walls and furniture, light-colored woods and cashmere-lined coyote- and fox-fur rugs.  Her friend and interior designer Daniel Romualdez used classic modern furniture pieces and kept the home casual and simple.

photographed by Francois Halard

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