Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live A Colorful Life

This video (which was shown years ago, but I still continue to watch) embodies so much!  Soothing, beautiful, mesmerizing, colorful, serene, witty, and playful.

Music played on an acoustic guitar is an absolute favorite.  I love the simplicity and stripped, raw sound.  The song in the video is "Heartbeats", written by The Knife (a Swedish duo) and performed by Jose Gonzalez.

Twenty-five cameras shot 250,000 bouncy balls tossed down a street in San Francisco over four days.

I have always had a thing for teeny bouncers (that's my name for them).  Growing up, I would walk with my neighborhood friend 5 blocks from our house to Thriftway, the local grocer.  Right next to the door were those glass containers containing all sorts of trinkets where you had to put in a quarter, turn the knob, and wait for the item to fall down the chute.  Ahhh, what a small slice of least that's how I felt.  I always bought teeny bouncers.  Just ask my mom. She cleaned out my closet when I left for college and found shoeboxes FULL of teeny bouncers-haha!   I've always been a collector even if the item is only a quarter.

Watch the behind the scenes.  It's fascinating as well.

Creative commercials are a million times better than boring-techie ones.


Carolina said...

ummmmm I COLLECTED BOUNCY BALLS TOO!!!! i still have a box full of them at home. it was a cool kid thing to do right? :) also - loved this video (top) i will also probably start watching it frequently - thanks!!!

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...

I loved that video, too! I want to live in it.