Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Long Thanksgiving...

This week I'm transitioning from my fall decor to Christmas.

I kept my tabletop very simple for November. One, because it was crazy for Halloween and two, it will again be full of holiday cheer for Christmas.  I needed a little break that still added a little sparkle.

Piglet was the main attraction. :)

I covered my pumpkins with glue and glitter, a Martha Stewart classic.

The husb swears The Longs (my maiden name) and The Evans (family friends) keep the US Postal Service in business.  A card for every occasion!

My mom is so sweet and always sends fall leaves since I miss out on the beauty of the midwest leaves changing colors.

I really enjoyed my niece, Avery Kate, drawing the husb as a turkey. :)

Now onto to decorate the tree!

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Carolina said...

your mom is a genius. i can only imagine how amazing it is to open a card with red, orange, and yellow leaves in it!