Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Carpet Rundown: SAG Awards

The SAG Awards are for the most part not that exciting.  There is no host, no musical numbers, no drama.  However, the actors seem to really like this award show, because it's short, laid back, and all of your peers nominate and vote for you so it's a real pat on the back to win.  Who wouldn't want all their fellow co-stars to think they are an amazing actor?

There weren't that many jaw-dropping gowns on the red carpet, but there were a few noteworthy gowns to be mentioned.

Emma Stone does it again.  She dressed just right for the casualness of this award show.  It's also really appropriate for the movie she was nominated for and the entire cast won, The Help.  It kind of has that retro 1950s feel.

Most surprisingly awesome outfit goes to Rose Byrne in the white jumpsuit.  Makes me want to dance at Studio 54 right now...yes, even on a Monday morning.  I just can't get over how much she looks like Anna Wintour's long lost daughter...anyone else???  

Most surprising guest that looked absolutely amazing was Ashlee Simpson.  I haven't see her look this good in, I don't know....ever?  I'm so glad she doesn't have matching hairstyles with Pete Wentz anymore.  She also reminds of that Jazz Age I posted about last Friday.  (Yes, I'm still on that kick).

Most fashionable award goes to Zoe Saldana.  She looks straight off the runway.  Zoe once said on Chelsea Lately that she eats lettuce as a snack.  It shows.

Sofia Vergara looked like her beautiful bombshell self.  She also talked with Guiliana about how tiny the undies are that she this appropriate red carpet chatter??  Hmmm, I guess it increases her male fan club that much more.

Ahhh, best couple is so difficult for me.  Can I pick a young, fun best couple and an older, sexy best couple?  Since it's my blog I'm voting yes.

Best young, fun couple goes to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.  They are just adorable and I would have voted her in my top 5 best dressed.  I absolutely love this color of green and the one shoulder.

Best mature, sexy couple goes to Diane Lane and Josh Brolin...again.  I can't get over how amazing they are together.  

Looked fabulous and happy, Octavia Spencer:

Michelle Williams sure knows how to change up her look.  She went from blue velvet at the Golden Globes to red with lace.  She worked it.

I really liked this dress on Jayma Mays.  I think a crew neck, cap sleeved, long gown is just so attractive on so many women.  And the sparkles add all the pizzazz needed since there are no body parts showing.

Berenice Bejo looked smashing in her dress.  It's a great fit for her body.  I'm not crazy about the necklace and I think her hair could have looked better, but overall I'm a fan.

I don't think a lot of people liked the dress Shailene Woodley wore, but I think it looks cool.  She's 20-years-old, it's age appropriate, fun for the SAG Awards, and it looks perfect for the movie she was nominated for, The Descendants.  The flowers look identical to the movie graphics.  I liked it.

Completely opposite, Sarah Hyland who is 21, dressed too mature and safe.  She's looks pretty and sweet, but I just think she should be having more fun on the the red carpet for an event as this one.

Yet Sarah's co-star Ariel Winter totally did it right.  She's 14 and chose the right dress and style.  It's fun, comfortable, and works well with her body.

Cool cutouts on several attendees
Great body-Kyra Sedgwick

 Hot-Amber Heard

I love a sexy, backless dress and Ahna O-Reilly's dress fulfilled that spot this red carpet for me.  This picture doesn't show it, but her whole back is out there.  She should have walked in backwards it looked so hot.  The gown is tailored to perfection.

Cut-outs worked for Jenna Ushkowitz.  I didn't know her body was this good until I saw her wearing this.

Gorgeous - Naya Rivera

Lovely looks from the Glee girls:
Dianna Agron
Jane Lynch
Lea Michele

Great hostess dress.  Giuliana has been picking out great rocker look, just right for the SAG Awards.

I liked Kelly Osbourne's dress a lot better yesterday than the one she wore for the Golden Globes, but she just looks so washed out....white dress, pale skin, light grey hair...why the ghost look, Kelly?

I still can't believe these two are together.  George looks dapper as usual and Stacey looks pretty, but I just want to see him with someone, I don't know, different.  I give it 8 more months.

Tilda Swinton actually looks normal so I'll give her props for that.

Busy Philipps's outfit would be perfect for Coachella.  A little too casual for the red carpet.

What the hell was up with this choker?  Kristen Wiig could have looked pretty glamorous, but the neck wear ruined everything.

Bl-yuck.  I do not like these fake braid headbands.  They just look weird.  And the dress is heinous.  Is Kaley Cuoco living out a 5-year-old fairy-tale dream?

Worst dressed: Heather Morris.  Pick which way you want to go: long or short, covered or sheer.  For crying out loud, not all four!!  And I think I even see stripper heels peeking out.

Well, I guess I had a lot more comments than I first thought. :)  Can't help it.  I love fashion and red carpets. Your opinions?

Images via MSN


Kathy said...

Loving all those retro vibe dresses. xoxo

viv said...

Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Angelina Jolia, and Sofia Vergara were my personal faves!

Punctuation Mark said...

i agree with your worst dressed... yikes!

Hilla Hryniszyn said...

lovely set
dresses are so gorgeous, so stylish
come along... and take a look at my art:)

Jessica said...

Loved Rose Byrne.... what a great change up! She looked major.
I think Michelle Williams was best dressed, stunning, and gave a bit of a nod to Marilyn.
How does Kristen Wigg keep getting it so wrong? She forgot to follow the "take one accessory off before leaving the house" rule.

hope in high heels said...

loved your commentary - it had me giggling! So... I loved Emily Blunt's green, the fact that Rose Byrne wore a jumpsuit (though hair totally channels Wintour as you said) and Ariel Winter's gorgeous dress from Collette Dinnigan. Not sure about Lea Michele though...

thanks for your lovely comment - am happy to have found you as a result and look forward to reading more!