Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Snapshots: Our Staycation at Postcard Inn


The husb and I enjoyed a little staycation at the Postcard Inn in St. Pete over the weekend.  The weather was perfect!!!!  It's that great time of year when we can lay out in Florida and not be drenched in sweat after 1/2 an hour from the humidity, high temps, and lack of breeze.  We went straight to the beach and relaxed in 70-75 degree temperatures until sunset, which was gorgeous.  Then we headed back to the room and showered up for a bar-b-que dinner, the attached restaurant Beachwood BBQ & Burger.  Ribs, skillet mac n' cheese, cornbread - yep, we didn't hold back.  After dinner, we tried to ease our fullness with a moonlit stroll along the shore and listened to the band play at PCI's bar on the beach.  The next morning we pretty much just woke up, showered, and went straight back to the beach for more sun  The PCI Snack Shack makes a pretty mean breakfast burrito if you're needing some grease and filling food from a late night of drinking and dancing.  Next time, I'm definitely renting a paddleboard once the water warms up.

A little insider about the hotel - this is a no heels place, ladies!!  Stilettos would look so out of place here so only pack your flip-flops, boat shoes, and maybe a wedge, but even that is dressy.  Keep in mind that this is a beach bar and hotel.  It's old school fo' sho'!  It used to be a Travel Lodge with a Shells restaurant attached (g-ross!) until new management revamped the place and hired Be Our Guest to redesign the property.  They did such an awesome job!  It has such a retro cool vibe all throughout the hotel.  I tried to take many pictures via Instagram to show you below.  So the look and design is surfer cool, but there are still some dated (as in 80's dated, not good) aspects to the hotel.  The bathrooms are clean, but still look like the original bathroom.  The tile, tub and toilet were all the horrible salmon color.  The television doesn't have channels you can order from and the good ones they did offer (Showtime, HBO) had a snow-y look to them.  But who comes to a beach hotel to watch TV anyway???  The beds are made with white sheets and comforter and seemed very sanitary, which is my main concern with sleeping away from home anyway.  The walls are really thin.  Luckily we weren't roomed next to any sex-crazed swingers making you-know-what-noises all night, but instead it was a family and I could just hear the two kids getting a bath while I was showering.  Not that bad.  There was a wedding in the courtyard on Saturday night and I could hear the people still partying by the fire pit until 3:00 a.m.  We were on the second floor -- sound carries in that courtyard.  So don't book a room here for a good night's rest.  There is no spa, no concierge, no hotel boutique.  It's not the Waldorf Astoria, peeps!!

Overall, I recommend the place for the awesome winter rates they offer, especially for Florida residents.  It took us 30 minutes from door to door.  Just be sure to leave the heels at home. :)

All images via me!

See more pictures on their website.

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