Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream Home Library: Karl Lagerfeld's Paris Apartment

For a book lover like myself Karl Lagerfeld's apartment is like a hot porn location.  His apartment on the Quai Voltaire in Paris is featured in the May issue of the French Architectural Digest.  

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last persons to buy books on the iPad, Kindle or whatever else is now offering electronic "books".  I'm resisting hardcore (porn, again? Jeez, my mind is in the gutter).  I'm resisting the way I resisted cell phones my freshman year of college and the way I resisted Facebook a few years later.  I now have both.  I couldn't live without my iPhone, but could definitely survive without Facebook.  So who knows if I will end up buying books electronically down the road?  I no longer buy CD's for the ease of purchasing them from iTunes and having them directly uploaded to my library or better yet buying them directly to my iPhone while at work to keep my momentum going while I peruse new inspiration to blog about.  Ah, the convenience.  I do unfortunately have an issue with space at my house.  My two C&B Sloane Leaning Bookcases have been filled up for the last year and now stacks of books are beginning to form on dressers, side tables, and desks.  But there are just some books that one can't buy on a tablet; namely fashion and design books.  They are expensive, but I love 'em!  And these are what appear to be lining Karl Lagerfeld's entire Paris apartment that I'm so yearning to sprawl out and browse at upon hours and hours.  How heavenly is the image below?

I just watched Lagerfeld Confidential while on a plane a few weeks ago, a documentary filmed in 2007. It provides insight to his childhood, lifestyle, work ethic, daily surroundings (uh-mazing since in Paris), photography sessions, and a quick runway show scene.  I liked it.  The husb tuned out after he realized it was entirely in French and hew would have to read the documentary.  I like hearing people speak in their foreign language though, especially a beautifully spoken language like french.  

I also just read 'My List: Karl Lagerfeld in 24 hours' in Harper's Bazaar issue this month.  I'm getting my fill of Mr. Lagerfeld this month for sure!

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