Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashionista Friday: What to wear?

I'm headed to a wedding this weekend in South Florida, which I'm super excited about.  My hilariously funny friend Monika is getting married at what looks to be a very cool location, Mansion at Tuckahoe.

It's a five o'clock wedding so I'm debating what to wear.  I really want to wear my new Kate Spade wedges and have found a few dresses I may go try on after work.  I wanted to try to find a less expensive dress since the shoes were not cheap.  I'll let you know Monday what I worked out or if I end up just finding something I already own at home and holding on to these shoes for another event all together.  Decisions, decisions....
What to wear?

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Carolina said...

WOW. Please take pics - that place looks amazing!!! And your outfit will as well, those shoes scream Brooke!! :)