Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Favorite Blazer

My Favorite Blazer

I first posted about seeing this great yellow blazer as I was walking out of Zara a few weeks ago.  Then last week I made it back to the store to try one and it is heavenly as far as blazers feel and fit.  Zara calls it the Jersey Blazer.  Hmmmm, how do I relate jersey?  Comfortable.  Many blazers are not.  They can be tight on the back or tight at the elbows when bending arms and who wants to walk around like a stick figure?  The Zara Jersey Blazer's material is 7% elastane and 93% viscose.  It has such an easy, lightweight feel to it, which is so perfect for summer in all areas of America and ten months out of the year in Tampa.

At $79.90 I think this is a steal for a jacket that can be worn with several outfits over and over.  I was being money conscious and got the navy, because:

a) navy can be worn through all seasons and still look fresh and in season (navy is dark, great for fall and winter; navy is nautical, great for spring and summer).
b) it won't show stains nearly as quickly.  Since becoming pregnant food find it's way to my clothes.  I don't why this is.  And I'm imagining it's worse once a child is involved.
c) navy looks good on any skin color lasting through all seasons (see reason a) again).  I worried about the yellow really not looking good on me if I had not made it outside to sunbathe in a few weeks even though it's such a great pop of color.
d) who doesn't need a great navy blazer?? It's a classic piece that everyone (men and women) should have in their closet.

Yesterday, I saw the strawberry color in the store.  I resisted the urge to buy it even though I want it sooo bad!  It would be great with black skinny jeans (which I will fit into by November) and loose white tunic.

Get your own Jersey Blazer here.


Unknown said...

I am obsessed with all of the colorful blazers. How ridiculous is it that I haven't purchased one?! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I scrolled down to the Mark Twain quote you mentioned and it's definitely one of my favorites! :)

xoxo, me

Anonymous said...

Crumbs I think I have these in every color now except yellow!