Thursday, June 21, 2012

Front Door Delivery

Ever feel like you go on a spending spree on-line and come home to a package everyday?  It's actually quite fun and makes coming home from work even that more enjoyable. :)  Recently I've been on one of those kicks and as I turn onto Corona Street I'm always peeking on the front porch to see if there's a brown box waiting.  It's not only me sending packages to, well, me, I've also been receiving several baby gifts this way so it's double the fun not knowing what is inside the box.

A few recent purchases I wanted to share my reviews on:


I absolutely love my new weekender bag from deux lux.  This was actually a birthday gift from the husb so score!  I am a quite particular shopper about most things (why my mom always struggles buying me gifts and wants "very specific lists" at Christmas).  Anywho, I contemplated about this one for a while.  I knew I wanted it to be large enough to actually fit three outfits, toiletries, and shoes while also being stylish and not super designer expensive.  This fits the bill perfectly!!  Roomy, super fun with the multi-sequin bottom and $137.00.  I kind of wanted a fun color, but know I will never tire of the black/gold color, it won't look beat-up after a couple years, and will probably go with 80% of my outfits.  Done, done, and done.

(P.S. to the man I love: There are complimentary bags to match this weekender that also are calling my name.  Just for future reference).

Next, were these Sam Edelman wedges on sale at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale.  I wasn't super crazy about them when I tried them on, but liked the price and need brown heels.  I ended up returning them and going with the Michael Kors heels I've posted about twice in the past week.  

Gotta love the gold!  I saw this laptop posted on DESIGNLOVEFEST's blog and snatched it that day.  It was my first purchase from ASOS and am happy with the product and the service!  Super stylish and only $30 so I'm a happy camper with it.  Plus it matches my weekender. :)  Both will be accompanying me to the hospital shortly to deliver this kickin' baby.

It's no longer on the website or else I would provide a link.  Apparently, lots of other chicas snatched it up after Bri posted about it.

Lastly, is this cute top from ModCloth.  Another first time purchase from this site.  I actually tried to buy it before Valentine's Day, but my size was sold out so I was on a wait list until about 3 weeks ago.  I really love it and have been able to wear it at 32/33 weeks pregnant.  The Love Ballad Tunic will run you a whopping $37.99.  Hmmm, couldn't have found a cuter purchase for the current bod I'm sporting.


Anonymous said...

you have such an awesome blog! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Lexi said...

I have the nude + rose gold sequin deux lux weekender and I LOVE it! I actually want a second one just in case my beloved bag someday gets ruined!
♡ Lexi
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