Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Emmy Awards: Red Carpet Rundown

I'm getting this out sooo late, but wanted to before the Fashion Police review on in just over an hour.  I like to get my own opinions down in writing and then compare to what they say.  I also like to pretend I'm on the panel.  :)  

Lucy Liu:
Absolutely amazing!  I would die to wear a dress like this.  The craftsmanship, edginess, and fit of this Versace gown is out of this world.  My #1 for the evening fo' sho'.

Tina Fey:
This was my #2 favorite of the night (just by a hair)!  Tina looks so amazing in this (my all-time fav designer for dresses) Vivienne Westwood gown.  Tina has missed a lot in the past so I was really happy she got it right last night.

Julie Bowen:
A huge fan of this bright yellow Monique Lhuillier on her!  She looked so youthful and healthy.  Her tan was the perfect shade, make-up just right, and she didn't look too thin like she can sometimes.

Kerry Washington:
Spectacular.  All I can say.  Again I would love to wear Vivienne Westwood, because she creates such yummy dresses.  Doesn't hurt that Kerry as a banging body.

Julianne Moore:
She always sporting some very fashionable frocks.  This Cristian Dior couture is a lot of yellow for sure, but looks great with her hair.  I just would have tapered the skirt in a little so it wasn't so full...looks too Christmas tree-ish.

 Ginnifer Goodwin:
Fabulous hair and make-up.  The Monique Lhuillier dress is cool and vintage-looking (although it's not) and works well with her heels.  Understated hair, over the top outfit.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
Gooooorgeous dress!  She is one of my all-time favorite funny ladies so I was super pumped she won AND that she wore a great dress (Vera Wang).  The hair is 'eh', but I'm looking past it.

Sofia Vergara:
Reminded me a little of a Miss America pageant dress but fits her like a glove.  I like the back cut out, but could do without the front triangle cut out.

January Jones:
I thought this Zac Posen dress was gorgeous and always a fan of black, but her hair was too fierce.

Claire Danes:
Yuck.  This was such a disappointment for me.  Claire herself looks great being pregnant and all; not bloated, no visible break-outs, pretty hair.  But coming from someone who just had a baby there are soooo many better bump-enhancing dresses out there!  I feel like she still wanted to wear a regular, non-maternity dress, but she is too far along for this.  The top is ill-fitting, it pulls in the rear area, and just overall bad look.  Damn, she was on such a roll...

Kristen Wiig:
Huh?  Why doesn't she GET A STYLIST?  She has the potential to look great, but man, does she pick the wrong dress, accessories, and hair over and over.

Elisabeth Moss:
Her hair is so, so, so great.  The dress is just too much though.  Too much floral, too much ruffle, and lose the mullet.  Overdone.

Christina Hendricks:
The color of her dress is to similar to her skin color.  This was a total miss for me.

Julianne Hough:
She took the mermaid-look a little too literal.  The hair is stupid-looking and this made her too hip-py.

Lena Dunham:
Waaaaay too much dress.  Jeez.  She had to be sweating buckets since that seemed to the hot topic on the red carpet.  

Connie Britton:
This look aged her so bad.  Not a fan of the hair or dress.  Halters just look like they should be on the beach.

Alright, I should probably pay attention to my online class I'm logged into right now.  It feels good to be back.  I don't know how often I will be able to blog, but hopefully I can get on some sort of schedule.


Carolina said...

YAY! Love that you're 'back' and that you did this during class :)

B.o.B. said...

Welcome back! (I know I'm late here. Sorry!) Love your picks although I still love Claire Danes. I'm a MSCL fan and I just think she can do no wrong. lol!