Thursday, April 4, 2013

The White Sofa. Should I Even Go There?

White Sofa


White Chair and a Half

I can't stop thinking about putting a white sofa in our empty lounge room.  However, I have major hesitations with a black dog and a 9-month-old son.  My favorite of the moment is the Palisades sofa above.  It would totally fit the vibe I'm trying to get in that room.  A strong contender though is something from the KIVIK series.  First, the price point is great since it's from IKEA.  I haven't been out to check it out if person, but the pictures do look promising.  Plus, there is a sofa with pullout bed option that would be great for guests.

I do like the bottom three, which are considered a chair and a half because they wouldn't take up that much room.  I want to leave the room with a spacious feel after all the furniture is in there.

On a plus, I finally started painting today in Everett's room!  I had to get a room going with different colors than white and tan, which is what every room in the house is painted currently.  Hopefully it turns out well and I can post some pics.  I feel like I took a risk with my choices.

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Carolina said...

i bet it would become porter's FAVORITE couch ...but they are really nice looking.