Friday, September 9, 2011

6th Street ~ Texas Football ~ Lake Travis

A few pictures from our trip to Austin last weekend:

Friday night was full of fabulous dance moves.

Pre-game - we looked like obvious out-of-towners with our wide spectrum of burnt orange.

 University of Texas - I just kept wondering if cowboy boots were always in for the girls to wear of if that is a recent trend the past couple years as they have gotten more popular.  I bet 80% of the college girls had on boots.  I couldn't tell you one thing about the game.

 Our ride for the weekend.  With two 6'4" guys and a 6'7" guy the 20-person limo fit our group of 11 just right.
With the birthday girl!

With the husb

After a long day in the sun. (I guess Amanda took this. One of those surprise photos when you get home.)

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