Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vermilion + Hot Pink = Scrumptious Style

So many trends going on here, but SJP makes them all so right.  Color blocking, fall's hot red (or vermilion in this case) attire, the cape  She wore this Prabal Gurung ensemble to David Letterman and killed it. 

Could I pull this off?  I feel like people would say, "You know Valentine's Day isn't until February, right?"


B.o.B. said...

hm. i don't love this. i'm sorry brooke! i love me some SJP, but i just don't like the cut of the pants.

Carolina said...

I do like the color blocking (and think you could definitely pull it off!) but I agree with B.o.B. ... i'm not a fan of the high waist ... the pic of it on the runway's got the shirt out with a belt wrapped at the waist but maybe that would have made her look shorter? ... anyway... i think you should DO IT.

Unknown said...

Well, it does take a size 0 to wear that style of pant so I definitely wouldn't attempt this exactly. I'll check out the runway look. Thanks for the feedback!