Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pan Am Keep Bringing It

I just watched Sunday's episode of Pan Am last night - I can't keep up with all these fall shows in a timely manner!

I couldn't get over this look on Christina Ricci.  Probably not many can pull this off, but I think it's gorgeous.  First of all, I absolutely love pencil skirts.  Secondly, I enjoy black & white with a punch of color (Kate Spade anyone??).  I need some of those gloves immediately.

Another pencil skirt look - adorable.

Lovely red dress & red convertible.  I almost felt like these were engagement photos.

Va-va-voom in emerald.  Great cape too! (Although she kind of makes the cape look costume-y with that evil look on her face.)

Keep this show on just for the fashion alone please. :)

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