Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes Red Carpet Rundown

Ms. Hawley threw a great party last night for all the girls to get together and hash out all the 'she looks amazing' and 'what the hell??' dresses from the Golden Globes.  I won the ballot contest and will show my prize soon!! 

Here are my thoughts:
Absolutely stunning!!!  This is my best dress/overall look:

Best looking couple.  I adore them together.

Second favorite for best dressed.  Claire continues to impress on the red carpet.

Hmmm, how does she look so damn good??  I couldn't believe how great Jane looked in this dress. 

Holy smokes!!! This is my favorite style on Julianna ever -- hands down.  The earrings, hair, and fit of the dress are fabulous.

Cutest attendee??  Definitely Uggie from The Artist.  Just look at that little bow-tie.

Once a model, always a model.  I thoroughly enjoyed Charlize.

Jessica will hate me, but I did think Brangelina looked impeccable as usual.  I wasn't crazy about her red clutch, but everything else was pretty on par.  It wouldn't hurt to crack a smile once in a while. 

Love Kristen Wiig, but she needs some color...anything...lip color, a bright necklace, different colored dress.  She just looks washed out and drab and I hate to rain on her parade. 

Perfect!  Color is great for Laura Dern and gown looks as though it was made for her body.

This dress fit Melissa really well.  Just enough embellishment.

Stunning and looks wonderful on Mila.

I thought this was a little Barbie doll, but I actually like it.  Natalie has such a thin, boyish figure I think this gives her the shape she needs.  And she can work the color!

Very cool dress.  I loved how the embellishment matched Nicole's hair.  What a figure!  Who can pull off a dress that fits like that? (And I'm not even saying the expected 'at her age' any age!?!)

Great look for Nicole.  I enjoyed something different from her normal boho look.  Motherhood has definitely done her well!

Shape and color were a great choice for Octavia.  Simple to little jewelry also a positive with the  embellishment in the middle of the dress.

Paula brought the electric color and va-va-voom.  She's gorgeous.

I really enjoy when Reese doesn't work the cute-sy stuff so I particularly enjoy this.  Messy, wavy hair and mermaid-style dress in a vixen hue was juuuuuust right.

Sarah Michelle Gellar said her 2-year-old picked out this dress and it looked like it.  Yikes.  Too much.  I would like this print on a maxi dress worn to the beach, not walking the red carpet ball-gown style.

Work it, Salma!  She looked amaze-balls in this gown.  Showed off her hourglass figure impeccably.

Another hourglass figure looking sexy....hhmmm, can I please be Latina??

This was a 'what the hell???' gasp.  Tilda is so weird.

This dress isn't that much of a stunner, but I really love Debra Messing and am just happy to see her back in the spotlight.  I hope her new show is good - let's all support it!

I'm not exactly sure what I think of this, but I think it just needs to be shown.  Diana looks so devilish.

I didn't particular love this dress, but Elle is so amazingly beautiful still!!  Her body, her hair, her skin color, her die for.

Emma Stone is someone who can do no wrong for me.  I think she takes great risks and wears awesome dresses for her age.  She doesn't dress too old and mature and knows how to rock a red carpet.

This is a cool dress for Giuliana.  It's a little bit feminine, a little bit edgy.  For all she's been through lately, she is looking beautiful as ever. 

Pretty and classy.  Looks fab after giving birth not that long ago.

I liked this a lot.  Julie looks like Grace Kelly.  So pretty for the sarcastic and casually dressed character she plays on Modern Family.

Usually I totally agree with Kelly's choices, but she just looks like a scary character from a Disney movie.  The sleeves and hair is too fierce.  Her body is still banging in the dress though.

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