Thursday, February 23, 2012

Designer Profile: French Bull

How have I not known about French Bull before last week?  As a color obsessed person this is some of the cutest, most vivacious, budget-friendly dishware I've every come across.  This is a must for summer dinner parties on the patio!  Even though I seriously have no where else to store anymore dishes, tabletop accessories, or linens I will figure something out.
Ziggy Collection
This line was started in 2002 by Parson's School of Design fashion design major Jackie Shapiro.  The reintroduction of melamine dishware brought bold hues and crazy patterns while maintaining the durability that the material is known for.  After graduation Jackie spent time in Milan, Italy where she began to discover her love for graphic design with wild color and a big imagination.  Lucky for us she had the desire to create homeware products for the design conscious with an affordable price tag.  I love how even though the patterns and colors are out of this world, they can be mixed and matched with each other and somehow still look coherent.  

A montage of French Bull items I put together for you to see.

Melamine is heat resistant and shatterproof, therefore making it wonderful tabletop dishes for outside (as well as inside) dining and for children (my niece needed this when she was 2-5...she had a long toddler phase).  I especially love the Jungle Collection for kiddos - pretty sure I will be purchasing when it comes back in stock since I will have a little one of my own to feed soon.  :)  

It's funny, because I have been carrying this Built lunch tote for a year and a half now and never knew it was a line partnered with French Bull.  Do you think I look like a kid walking into a corporate building everyday? :)  I really don't care.  Since most of my workwear is black, grey, and white it actually gives my look a little punch of color daily.

A horrible picture of me carrying my lunch tote.  Florescent lighting really isn't  a good look for us, huh?  I promise my face is not that pale.


Michelle said...

SO cute! I love it all! It would be so great to use with kids as well!

B.o.B. said...

oooo i love it all too! you look so cute in your fancy work outfit! ;)

Elsa de Diego said...

Waht a great concept, my dear! :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Elsa de Diego said...

Oopsss...sorry for the typo...'what a great concept!' ;) xoxo