Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shoes I'm Coveting

Shoes I'm Coveting

I'm needing (er, wanting) a pair of clunky brown heels.  Clunky is good right now with my added extra weight for some more supportive walking.  Plus, I'm wearing a couple form-fitting dresses coming up and I think a clunkier shoe would look better with a tight dress.  Those Michael Kors shoes at the very top are calling out to me!  I just wanted to try to find some for $100 or less.  However, the reviewers on Nordstrom's site all rave about the comfort of this shoe so that makes me want to buy it even more.

I've always been wanting to try some oxford flats for about a year and haven't bought any.  These may be easy to get around in once I'm carrying a baby carrier and diaper bag, but still look chic and put together.  Love the moccasins!!! I have black, but those faux-snake ones are a-dor-a-ble (Giulianna-style).

Also, just love the style of the bottom shoe in both colors.

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