Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshots: Tampa Baby Shower!

With my row of onesies!  I really appreciated that there were several St. Louis Cardinal ones.

With the hosts Amanda and Erika.  A BIG thank you to both of them and to Erika for letting everyone come to her beautiful home.

With the best picture taker ever, Jeanne.  Btw, I did splurge on the Michael Kors heels I posted about last week and they are fabulous.  All the reviewers on Nordstrom.com are correct.  I bought them Friday, wore them to the shower on Saturday, to dinner that night, and work on Monday.  Wearing new shoes three times in three days?  Yep, they're keepers.  Also, I loved this new dress.  I got it from Rosie Pope's (Pregnant in Heels woman) new line at A Pea In The Pod.  Super comfy and stylish!  Belt H&M and white blazer is Gibson.

Lisa and Isabella, the most social 16-month-old I know.

Monica, Sharron, Amanda
Beth of Discom-BOB-ulated Running blog (it's good, check it out!) and Erika's sister :)

Aunt Katie and Mother-in-law Anne

Joyce of Cakelyn's Finest and Courtney
Contact Joyce if you're in the Brooklyn area and need a fabulous cake made - she's talented!

With J. Hawl in the hoooouuuuse!

I love me some Ann-Marie.  I just need to see her more!

I really loved this mini-Porter dog my mom sent with a study guide for our dog to follow on taking care of future Baby Shemmy. :)

It's not a baby shower without a diaper cake!  Love that it's outfitted with my favorites: KU colors, Cardinals bib and a sunflower.

With Mrs. Rosendale....I mean Jen :)

Group shot

I had a really great time and am so happy everyone that could make it did!
Thanks, girls!!

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Carolina said...

AHHH!! You look fantastic!!! love the shoes! so sad I couldn't be there, but it looks like it was a great time!!!