Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everett's Nursery

One room I am really going to miss in our current home is Everett's nursery.  It was a real team effort to pull it together the six months preceding his birth.  We waited to find out our baby's gender until the delivery room so we kept our color scheme and decor gender neutral.  I really based the colors around the fabric I used for the cornice boards.  I bought the fabric at Calico Corners without even having a plan for it.  I just knew I loved it and would make use of it one day.  Confession of a fabri-holic.  We didn't really have a theme per-say, but I just wanted to incorporate a lot of baby animals in the room, because 1) I just think they are so freakin' cute and 2) goes with a boy or girl.  It really sealed the deal when Erin Gates at Elements of Style blog (the Holy Grail of interior design blogs) posted about these adorable prints from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.  I fell head over heels immediately and knew they would be gracing the walls of our little one's room for sure.

*Excuse the poor quality of these photos.  Orange rooms are hard to take pictures in and get good coloring!  Plus, there are reflections all over the place.

Right when my mom walked in the nursery she said something along the lines of 'those animal prints are not staying on the wall too long when Everett starts standing'.  The husb and I already knew that we would be moving before he would be able to stand though so we went ahead and hung them where he could wake from naps and see them.

I have a serious crush on elephants.  I probably won't buy much for Everett this Christmas, but I do think I'm going to orphan an elephant in his name through this organization.  Again, I learned about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through the Elements of Style blog.  The information Erin provides hundreds of daily readers in outstanding.

Gotta love baby shoes!!

Porter just had to sneak in a shot to include all the Rotties in the house.  I turned around from the crib and he's just lounging on the RENS sheepskin rug that is supposed to be just for Everett.  Grrrrr, his hair is impossible to maintain.

A few items are missing from these pictures which I really wish could be photographed this last week here.  My sister had a really cute name banner personalized for Everett that I'm waiting to hang in his next room.  I did not sew the Greek key trim on the curtains that hang in the middle of the room, because I found out we were moving after I had finished the other two and then thought what's the point?  So it does a look a little awkward now.

Also, I hand-pieced a baby quilt for Everett while I was pregnant that my mom is helping sew on the border for me so it's currently in Kansas.  My mom also made a baby quilt for Everett that she is working on hand-quilting right now.  Both are baby animal themed.  A baby can never have too many hand-sewn quilts in our opinion. :)  Below is a newborn picture showing a little bit of the one I made for him without being quilted yet.

Image via

I really love just being in Everett's room, because it's always kept so clean & neat and it's just bright & cheery.  I'm super sad to disassemble it this weekend.  Hopefully I can find a spot for the cornice boards and curtains in our new home, because those took a long time to complete!  Plus, I just really love them.

All other images taken by me

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