Monday, December 10, 2012

Fashionista ...Monday? My Girlie Wall

I was slammed Friday and could not get my Fashionista Friday post completed.  I took some photos of my girlie wall in our bedroom before we move.  The new house has a room just waiting for my girlie items, which makes the hubs very happy.  I certainly don't mind waking up and looking at shoes, jewelry, and accessories, but it will be nice to have all these items in a separate room and have more space in our new master bedroom.

I filled the dresser area with a mix of family photos and images that inspire me.  My grandmother, Betty, is below Marilyn showing off fabulous shoes and above a hand-drawn picture of Porter.  Designs from Alexander McQueen are mixed as well as family photos when Everett was 10 days old.  

I'm obsessed with Paul Smith fabrics and design and the below lumbar pillow may well be the only Paul Smith item I ever own.  I love this fabric!  I also am not a huge monogram person so when I ordered my bedding from West Elm I had the Euro shams embroidered with 'MR.' and 'MRS.'  A little more playful, a little less formal.

People either like their jewelry out where they can see it or tucked safely away from dust and exposure.  I like a little of both.  There are some items just too pretty to hide behind closed doors.  That's one thing I LOVE about storing all my shoes in the Billy bookcase from IKEA.  I originally did this because I was out of closet space and needed to free up some room.  These bookcases are inexpensive, but IKEA always gets you on the "extra stuff" that actually makes their furniture look not as cheap.  Hence, the glass doors.  These were a must or else Porter would have dragged my shoes all over the house.  Plus, I like the dust free aspect.

Close-ups of the dresser and shelves:

My wedding shoes get their own special display.

I like to keep some jewelry out or else I forget that I have it.  

Accessories cabinet:

And of course, Porter, who is never far from my side:

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