Monday, December 31, 2012

What I Will & Won't Miss at Corona Street

As we close up shop on Corona Street I'm mostly thinking about all the things we won't miss about this house.  It has been a great house for us the past four years for the most part.  Decent rent for a house with a pool in South Tampa and the homeowners allowed us to keep Porter, which pretty much locked us in.  Not many people will rent to a Rottweiler.

I think it's wise for people to begin their adulthood in a "starter home".  It definitely helps one to appreciate getting a nicer home later in life.  I'm living proof.  I'm so happy with our new house!  I'm sure problems will arise, but right now everything is an upgrade and I couldn't be more excited about our lake house.

What I won't miss:

Water pressure
The water pressure pretty much became nonexistent toward the end of living here.  We would have said something to the homeowners normally, but since we were moving shortly we just let it go and bitched about it the last two weeks.

Fish pond
Like/hate relationship with the fish pond.  At times it could be pretty disgusting; murky, smelly, down right gross.  What I hated most about it is the tadpoles which later turned into frogs (see next item).  However, I did enjoy seeing Fanta (the big orange fish) and the other 3 (never got named) every day.

Frogs (please don't be a the lake house!)
See fish pond picture.  I didn't take any pics of frogs, because I would try to sprint past them as fast as I could.  Some years were worse than other years.  Thankfully last summer wasn't that bad.

Ice trays
We got one of those fancy refrigerators that has an ice maker!  Movin' on up!

1-person kitchen
 Super small kitchen at this house.  And ugly.

For anyone who wears heels, which I did everyday this is the Most. Annoying. Sidewalk. Ever.  I pretty much had to walk on tiptoes if I was in stilettos to make sure I didn't step between the bricks and ruin the heel.  

Bathroom shuffle
There was a skinny space between the vanity and the tub so the husb and I ended up having to the side shuffle at least once a day to let the other one by.  So glad that's over.  

Front window
Normally I would probably like a window like this, but not with Porter.  He's the most obnoxious dog at barking at any biker, delivery person, dog walker, roller bladder, motorcycle driver, and large truck.  So a large window at the front of the hose is pretty damn annoying with a territorial dog.

Parking under pine trees
Horrible for our cars.  In the hot summer months sap just oozes and drips down on our vehicles.  Not good for the paint at all.  Not to mention all the freaking pine needles constantly dropping on the cars getting stuck in the windshield wipers.

Here is what I will miss at the new house:
No pool at the new house.  Even though this pool is straight out of 1988 with the weird shape and five different colors of tile I did really enjoy lounging here reading fashion mags.

Natural lighting
This house does have good natural lighting, which I'm a major fan of.

That about does it.  We are leaving a lot of memories at Corona.  Matt proposed to me in this house and we brought our first baby home to this house.  I never thought we would live there for four year that's for sure.

Onward and upward!

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