Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Carpet Rundown: 2013 Golden Globes

My top ten are in order of favorites:

My #1 pick the moment I saw her.  Kate Hudson looks absolutely stunning in Alexander McQueen.  Just enough rock n' roll and the right amount of sex appeal with the plunge.

The belt that Jennifer Lawrence wore with her Dior Haute Couture is what sealed the deal for my #2 pick.  It gives her the great hourglass figure that all women AND men enjoy.  Marvelous color too.

The movie star is back!  Nicole Kidman rocked it in this Alexander McQueen.  Loved the Chop (that's what they're calling this length per Karlie Kloss in latest Vogue).

I mean is Helen Mirren the hottest older woman or what?  She looked amazing in Badgley Mischka.  What a waistline!

Great look for Katherine McPhee.  The lines all work so well; the plunge, the waistband, the slit, the double ankle straps.

Julianne Moore and Tom Ford are a match made in heaven.  I'm all about black & white (see my Christmas party dress...and well my last 10 purchases. Anyway, that's another post).

Hmmm, what?  Claire Danes gave birth a month ago??  What the hell?  I'd like to know how much weight she gained overall, because if she looks this thin I'm guessing not much.  So, yeah, Ms. Danes looks redic in Versace.

I thought Olivia Munn looked super cool in this Georgio Armani dress.  I know it doesn't have that ball gown WOW factor or mermaid bombshell sexiness, but I just love a girl that can rock a cool, unique dress.  (See my #1 pick).

Kerry Washington brought another cool dress (Miu Miu) that not everyone can pull off, but she did.

I love a glamorous white gown on a red carpet.  Not loving Anne's hair, but the Chanel Couture dress is exquisite.

From the waist up I was so in love with Julianne Hough's gown!  The rockstar hair, the gold embellishment...then the camera pulled away and I was soooo disappointed.  What's with all the pouf??    Monique Luillier needed to know when to call it quits with the fabric.  So from the top up this is a fav. :)

Zooey Deschanel looked so glamorous last night!  So happy she didn't do anything cutsey.  Yeah for Oscar de la Renta!

This Zac Posen dress is perfect for Kelly.  A mermaid fit just works for her.  It's cool how the bottom almost looks like it's detachable.

A great look for Amy Adams in Marchesa.  Super feminine and pretty.

Love all the leg Eva showed in her Pucci gown.   

Jennifer Garner always has great arms.  Even though this dress didn't wow me the love between Ben and Jenn is what I adore the most about her (as corny as it sounds).  They are such a great couple!!!!

I'm still trying to figure out parts of her speech, but the fact that she's 50 is what kills me about Jodi Foster.  Hot damn, girl!  I'll have what she's having.

Adele looks like a classy lady.  Beautiful hair and make-up and AWESOME acceptance speech.  Using the work 'pissy' on stage is always funny.

Amanda Seyfried is pretty in blushful lace.

My not-so-favs:
I liked this dress but hated the clutch with it.

Lena earned two Golden Globes last night.  It's time Lena got a stylist.  Her hair is much improved, but she could do much better with the dress.  I die for her show though!!! Watch it if you don't.  She's a total girl's girl.  Good real-life jokes.

Love Sarah Hyland, but this dress is way too mature for her.

I always hate when I don't like the look of a girl I really like, however the color does nothing for me. If it were in emerald green Emily Blunt would look stunning.


Why the long boobs, Jessica?  The color is pretty, but not a fan of the bodice or the hairstyle.

Here's another Emily Blunt case.  I so look to Sienna Miller for cool fashion and this did nothing for me.  I do respect that she wore this to support a fellow Brit up-and-coming designer however.  

Images via Huffington Post

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