Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dilemmas, Dilemmas

Our kitchen is brand spanking new so I'm working with what is in the house for now.  We may do a complete overhaul someday, but for now it's in perfect condition and there's no sense in ripping out all new cabinets just because I would rather have black or charcoal on the bottom and glass-front white on the top.  However, we can install some lighting to give the area our own touch and some character.

I purchased these globe pendants last week at West Elm and think they would look cool over the bar area.  In the store they were half off so I couldn't resist.  Plus, I can always return if I change my mind.  I will have to have an electrician run wires to install and I'll also want a separate light switch with a dimmer for them.

I totally wish I could put these Hicks pendants over the bar,  but 1) they are a buttload more expensive and 2) I don't think I'd like the antique brass right next to our stainless steel refrigerator.    Gorgeous though, right?

Although this kitchen has theirs right next to the stainless steel appliances and it looks totally hot.  Maaatt, can we spend 10 times my pendant budget, please?? 

Digging these brass pendants by Robert Abbey and Mary McDonald too.

I'm also considering these globe pendants just because I know the husb doesn't want anything that will obstruct the view since he is on the taller side. 

So now the next decision is to pick a chandelier to go over our kitchen table that is only 10 feet away.  Thus, they will need to coordinate somewhat.  Our table is polished steel with studs around the edge of the tabletop, very tough.  Our leather chairs soften the look though.

If I had an unlimited budget I would totally glam it up with this spikey number

Loving this disc chandelier too.

Not as glam, but the Sputnik chandelier is still pretty funky and a statement piece.

This Eclipse chandelier is a choice from West Elm we could very well go with.  It will provide great lighting, but it seems a little safe.

I like this Firefly pendant from CB2 if I'm going simple.  Plus the price is fantastic.

Any thoughts?  Let me know!


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Manda said...

I like the gold disc! And the eclipse! The sputnik is VERY cool, but I think I would get tired of it being too much.