Thursday, March 7, 2013

Still Searching for the Perfect Chandelier... my allowed budget.

Chandelier Lighting

The top left light fixture totally caught my eye when I visited Lightstyle a couple weeks ago.  Yes, it's labeled to be hung over a pool table or island, but I think it could look just at home over a dining table.  The top right fixture is the same idea just $270 less expensive so a plus there.

Then on a different style altogether is bottom left which is at a great price range for the modern yet traditional style at $258.  The chandelier at bottom right is a new take on all the orbit-style fixtures out there, but it is $800.  Probably not happening.

My favorite though for this week is Jonathan Adler's Meurice Rectangular Chandelier, however it is currently out of stock and is the most expensive at $1,350.  I'm tempted to wait until it comes available though, because I love it that much.

How glam does this look?

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