Monday, March 4, 2013

Spectacular Weekend at The Breakers

The weekend I just spent at The Breakers in Palm Beach was pretty epic.  Every scheduled event for the wedding celebration was top notch.  The only downside was that the weather was about 15 degrees cooler than normal so the Friday rehearsal dinner and the Sunday brunch were both moved inside that were originally scheduled to be outside overlooking the ocean.  This also, of course, changes a girl's outfit decisions.  I gave up 'frivolous spending' for Lent and so I recycled all my outfits for the weekend.   Kinda boring, but surprised I actually stuck to it for a big weekend like this one.

Hello Palm Beach!

...and hello Breakers!

Our amazing view from our room; overlooking a courtyard and onto the Atlantic Ocean.

 I felt like Kansas, the Sunflower state, made its way to me in Palm Beach...Sunflower brand toiletries!  

A television in the bathroom mirror?  I could get used to watching E! and Bravo while primping to go out.  Everett was entertained with BET for the moment though.

Breakfast room service is a must with an early-rising 8-month-old, a late night out, and a husband swimming in the lap pool.

Everett loved the 80 degree pool temperatures, but not getting out into 65 degree temps. Bundle that baby up!

On to the wedding....
The ceremony was held in the Gold Room.  The details in every room and hallway at The Breakers is just immaculate and this ceiling is a good example of what you will see all throughout the hotel.

These arched paintings went all the way around the room.

Another ceiling where cocktail hour was held.

The reception ballroom -- another gorgeous ceiling.

The wedding cake was very important to the bride and flown in from New York.  All those flowers are edible and made of sugar.  It was a work of art.

Every guest received their first course on this ice sculpture - pretty amazing.

With my sister-in-law and partner-in-crime, Katie.

 Prepping it up in Palm Beach.
I thought an early morning walk and hot coffee would perk me up after last night, however, I still felt like a slug and wanted to lay down and nap on the pool lounge chairs, but was afraid I might get escorted out looking like a drunkie still passed out from the night before.

With Matt's family after our wedding brunch send-off.  This was supposed to be held outdoors and I had a cute dress all ready to go but then had change it up because of the 60 degree temps - annoying!

These vintage Palm Beach Life magazine covers were framed on the wall across from our room.  I thought 1) love this idea and 2) I wonder if every cover is just of Palm Beach-ers socializing in different settings?  If so, how and when can I get into this lifestyle as soon as possible?  Marrying an old, rich guy is not an option as I am already married.  Any other ideas send my way.

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