Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green with Envy

We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last Friday night -- it was the husb's turn for a movie.  For an action movie I really enjoyed it.  I most enjoyed the gorgeous dress Paula Patton's character wore in the ballroom scene though.  Amazing!!

Major cleavage, high slit, fitted bodice, enchanting color - seduction at its finest.

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Costume Designer Michael Kaplan:

When setting out to design a piece of movie clothing, I first must review all the characteristics it must have. Paula’s green gown was no different. The scene where it is worn is a seduction scene so a certain amount of décolleté (low cut with mucho cleavage) was necessary. There was also a bit of action and the director (Brad Bird) wanted to see a lot of leg as Paula steps out of a car (a high slit). I chose a colour that was bright enough to follow Paula’s character around a crowded party, dressing no other extra in that colour (of course I selected a colour that looked amazing with her skin tone).

See full interview here.

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Sara Szatmary said...

such cool insight to how movie costumes are created!