Monday, June 12, 2017

Back to Blogging...I Think

It's like I never left. When my husband and I lived in South Tampa between 2005 and 2012 we had a great social life. We partook in happy hours, dinners with friends, beach days, football games, birthday festivities, and holiday parties. You name the occasion, we loved to be out. I also loved having a fun outfit to go with all the social outings. So I started my blog. I also love to decorate. It became a fun outlet to share my ideas and fashion finds.

Then life changed. A lot. We had our first baby June 29th, 2012. I started my master's program three days (yes, the day after I came home from the hospital) later. And we moved to Orlando five months after that. Our outgoing social life took a screeching halt. We were fine with it though. I welcomed staying in on the weekends, pushing a stroller around and living a low key lifestyle. I enjoy change and adventures; never quite knowing who we'll meet or where the memories we'll make will occur. Then baby #2 (a sweet girl!) came May 7th, 2014 while I was deep into year two of graduate school. Things were becoming a little more stressful. And lastly, baby #3 (a non-sleeping boy), a short 18 months later, arrived November 1, 2015. Thank God I had graduated with my master's in Speech-Language Pathology from Florida State's Distance Learning program three months prior. I might have checked into the Betty Ford if not. 

By this point we had made some great friends, found our footing in College Park (where we lived) and Winter Park (where we attended church and our kids attended the church's preschool) and made our house a home. We were happy. We always knew Orlando wouldn't be forever though. It was a move made for Matt's career and to end his travel for his previous job. And I was getting the itch. The itch to be more social, to dress the way that makes me feel good (HEELS!), to actually go out after dusk again. I attended every Mom's Night Out set up via the kid's room moms. I may or may not have ALWAYS been the one showing up in heels. I grew tired of wearing work out and park friendly clothes all the time. But yet, loved being at home with our kids all day. 

A promotion for my husband meant our low-key, but busy nonetheless life in Orlando was coming to an end. We put our house on the market and waited. It took around six months for our first offer. I's were dotted and T's were crossed and the move began. Again, I do like change, but it was definitely difficult to leave behind some of the good friends we made as well as the church and preschool community. We headed back to South Tampa. 

Initially, when the promotion was offered I had a "been there, done that" attitude. I wanted a new city to try out and become familiar with. However, we started our house search and I was open to a variety of neighborhoods of Tampa, but as soon as we drove back through South Tampa a weird feeling came over me. It felt like home. A good, familiar feeling. I walked through one house and we put in an offer the next day. I will divulge much more on this later.

So here I am back in South Tampa with my husband, our three little crazies running around, a master's degree under my belt and a 91-year-old house to make a home. We jumped right back into our former life in a way. I think we have been more social here in two months than we were two of the four years we lived in Orlando. Granted, having 3 kids under the age 4 while going to school is not the most conducive for an active social life. It feels good getting out to the new local restaurants, fraternizing with our friends from the past and meeting new neighbors. 

Oh, and this little blog of mine? It took a major hiatus. Major. Like my last post was from 2013 except for one quick one in 2015 and I realized I just didn't have the time for it. But I think I'm ready to jump back in. Really, it's therapeutic to write and document life. Whether it be online, in a journal, or in a letter, it's just good for the soul to get words out there. 

For now,

Au revoir

Friday, October 9, 2015

Modern Nursery Plan for Baby Shemmy #3!

Modern Baby Nursery

Wow! I wasn't even sure I knew how to do this anymore, but I just need to see things planned out before I start buying and executing. And you know, nothing like actually getting it going four weeks before the due date. Since this little Shemmy is a surprise boy or girl I'm keeping it bright and modern + black and white. 

Maybe I'll actually post some 'after' pictures when it's ready to welcome the little one home!

Until next time... 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The White Sofa. Should I Even Go There?

White Sofa


White Chair and a Half

I can't stop thinking about putting a white sofa in our empty lounge room.  However, I have major hesitations with a black dog and a 9-month-old son.  My favorite of the moment is the Palisades sofa above.  It would totally fit the vibe I'm trying to get in that room.  A strong contender though is something from the KIVIK series.  First, the price point is great since it's from IKEA.  I haven't been out to check it out if person, but the pictures do look promising.  Plus, there is a sofa with pullout bed option that would be great for guests.

I do like the bottom three, which are considered a chair and a half because they wouldn't take up that much room.  I want to leave the room with a spacious feel after all the furniture is in there.

On a plus, I finally started painting today in Everett's room!  I had to get a room going with different colors than white and tan, which is what every room in the house is painted currently.  Hopefully it turns out well and I can post some pics.  I feel like I took a risk with my choices.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashionista Friday: Leather Shorts, Come Hither

Leather shorts sound like they could be hard to pull off.  However, after I look at this girl and she makes it look so easy I think I could do it.  A simple white tee, pumps, shades, and a bold lip is all it takes apparently.

Simple & Hot

Pump / Short / Tee / Lipstick / Shades

More inspiration for leather short outfits:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Still Searching for the Perfect Chandelier... my allowed budget.

Chandelier Lighting

The top left light fixture totally caught my eye when I visited Lightstyle a couple weeks ago.  Yes, it's labeled to be hung over a pool table or island, but I think it could look just at home over a dining table.  The top right fixture is the same idea just $270 less expensive so a plus there.

Then on a different style altogether is bottom left which is at a great price range for the modern yet traditional style at $258.  The chandelier at bottom right is a new take on all the orbit-style fixtures out there, but it is $800.  Probably not happening.

My favorite though for this week is Jonathan Adler's Meurice Rectangular Chandelier, however it is currently out of stock and is the most expensive at $1,350.  I'm tempted to wait until it comes available though, because I love it that much.

How glam does this look?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spectacular Weekend at The Breakers

The weekend I just spent at The Breakers in Palm Beach was pretty epic.  Every scheduled event for the wedding celebration was top notch.  The only downside was that the weather was about 15 degrees cooler than normal so the Friday rehearsal dinner and the Sunday brunch were both moved inside that were originally scheduled to be outside overlooking the ocean.  This also, of course, changes a girl's outfit decisions.  I gave up 'frivolous spending' for Lent and so I recycled all my outfits for the weekend.   Kinda boring, but surprised I actually stuck to it for a big weekend like this one.

Hello Palm Beach!

...and hello Breakers!

Our amazing view from our room; overlooking a courtyard and onto the Atlantic Ocean.

 I felt like Kansas, the Sunflower state, made its way to me in Palm Beach...Sunflower brand toiletries!  

A television in the bathroom mirror?  I could get used to watching E! and Bravo while primping to go out.  Everett was entertained with BET for the moment though.

Breakfast room service is a must with an early-rising 8-month-old, a late night out, and a husband swimming in the lap pool.

Everett loved the 80 degree pool temperatures, but not getting out into 65 degree temps. Bundle that baby up!

On to the wedding....
The ceremony was held in the Gold Room.  The details in every room and hallway at The Breakers is just immaculate and this ceiling is a good example of what you will see all throughout the hotel.

These arched paintings went all the way around the room.

Another ceiling where cocktail hour was held.

The reception ballroom -- another gorgeous ceiling.

The wedding cake was very important to the bride and flown in from New York.  All those flowers are edible and made of sugar.  It was a work of art.

Every guest received their first course on this ice sculpture - pretty amazing.

With my sister-in-law and partner-in-crime, Katie.

 Prepping it up in Palm Beach.
I thought an early morning walk and hot coffee would perk me up after last night, however, I still felt like a slug and wanted to lay down and nap on the pool lounge chairs, but was afraid I might get escorted out looking like a drunkie still passed out from the night before.

With Matt's family after our wedding brunch send-off.  This was supposed to be held outdoors and I had a cute dress all ready to go but then had change it up because of the 60 degree temps - annoying!

These vintage Palm Beach Life magazine covers were framed on the wall across from our room.  I thought 1) love this idea and 2) I wonder if every cover is just of Palm Beach-ers socializing in different settings?  If so, how and when can I get into this lifestyle as soon as possible?  Marrying an old, rich guy is not an option as I am already married.  Any other ideas send my way.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Carpet Rundown: Oscars 2013

A lot of safe dresses on the runway tonight.  And a lot of black!  All the black/metallics are first up.

My favorite was Naomi Watts in Armani Prive.  This is a cool design and it gave her great curves.

Nicole Kidman brought it tonight.  This L'Wren Scott dress was gorgeous, because it looked like different colors depending on the light and camera angle.  I swear it looked like four different dresses in different pictures I saw.

This dress is super simple, but Samantha Barks looks hot, hot, hot.  The plunge, jewelry, and hair are all gorgeous.

Sandra Bullock's Elie Saab dress has embellishment and lace all over.  It looks busy, but really works.  Her straight simple hair and minimal make-up are a nice compliment to the intricate dress.

This is kind of a different look for Halle Barry, but I totally loved it.  This Versace dress so sleek and body-hugging, but not in the bondage way that she normally wears.  Of course, her hair and make-up always look fab.

I LOVED this Rachel Roy gown for pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  I like when dresses are curve-hugging on pregnant bellies in the later months.  The cap-sleeve, v-neck, and color are all great design elements for a maternity dress.  I would have picked a larger, bling earring, but that's my only small critique.

This dress is really pretty on Norah Jones, however that hair style is really dated.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I had that updo at a homecoming dance 15 years ago.  Ouch.

Alexander McQueen works for Salma Hayek.  The bun and make-up are just right for the neck on this dress.  I like that she put away the girls for a night too.  Covered up and voluptuous works for her.

Adele is back in black.  She looks pretty and glamorous, but this dress (Jenny Packham) didn't do much for me.  I liked her on stage dress better with the added sparkle.

The beading on Stacy Keibler's dress (Naeem Khan) is pretty awesome, but that hair has got to go.  It looks like Princess Leia, no?

I can't say anything negative about this, because I'm enamored with Helena Bonham Carter.  She's in her own crazy world (well, shared with husband Tim Burton) so I always look forward to her next outfit.

FINALLY, some color!

Loved this dress Kerry Washington in Miu Miu wore.  It's fun and fabulous!

Jane Fonda is so fun.  I love that she takes risks.  Wearing Versace in bright yellow and looking that good is a double thumbs up.

Awwww, love her!!!  Jennifer Garner was one of the few that wore a necklace with her  Gucci strapless gown.  The combo works and she looks beautiful all around; hair, make-up, dress, jewelry.

This is a top pick for me.  Jessica Chastain looks fabulous in this copper-colored beaded Armani Prive gown that screams "I'M A MOVIE STAR!"  

I really, really enjoyed this Valentino dress from Sally Field.  How often do you see a woman her age in a bright red dress?  Rarely.  She looks so happy and energetic.  The train is pretty long, but the soft fabric helps it not be too obnoxious.

I know I'm not the only one disappointed with Jennifer Aniston's Valentino dress, because I was texting with some friends who were also kind of, hmmmmm, this is it?  She has the classic Jen A. hair, tan, and simple make-up, which always works for her.  The dress is far from her normal slim, black look.  I think I was hoping for a little more edge so that's why I'm a little let down.

Reese Witherspoon in blue mermaid and old hollywood glam hair is a nice combo.  She's looking good post-baby.  A brighter lip would have been a nice splash of color though.  And I'm not sure why the designer (Louis Vuitton) added that bow above the left boob -- unnecessary.

Cavalli looks wonderful on Jennifer Hudson.  I like the sleeves and texture/embellishment her gown.  

Helen Hunt was making more of a statement that her dress is H&M and green rather than being super fashionable.  It's not bad or anything, but it's nothing that will go down in the books as a 'best dress of 2013'.  It's simple and safe.

On the lighter side:

Amy Adams looks like a princess her her gown.  There weren't a ton of big dresses so I liked seeing this one coming down the red carpet.  Plus, I pretty much always like Oscar de la Renta.

I was not expecting this from Jennifer Lawrence.  I was thinking her dress would be more young and funky.  This Dior Haute Couture dress is lovely with its structure and that back necklace is very cool.

Whoa!  The hair shocked me at first.  She wears it with confidence, but I like her with some length.  It's too Peter Pan for me.  The dress gorgeous on her though and she's working that model body.

Anne Hathaway can pick any dress and this is what she chose???  It looks like a bridesmaid dress for one (and we all know how we really feel about those) and it's just so bland.  Simple hair and simple dress = forgettable look.  (I thought Prada made fun, bright clothes??)

Kristen Stewart's column dress is really pretty.  I'm just over her never having her hair done.

This did absolutely nothing for me.  It just looks old and washes Amanda Seyfried out.  And I hate to not like a Alexander McQueen dress.  Boo.

Very lovely, Queen Latifah!  White is beautiful on her skin tone and perfect neckline for those bosoms.

Eh, no comment here.

I like that Zoe Saldana takes risks, but I am not a fan of this one.  Maybe for SAG Awards or Golden Globes.  I don't like the bust embellishment + the belt + the loop ribbon on the belt + slant hemline + 3-color hemline + ...enough already!

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